Academic Programme

The Department of Mass Communication and Journalism offers the following programmes of study:


Bachelor of Social Science (BSS):

The Department offers a four-year undergraduate programme. It lays emphasis on the process, uses and effects of different types and forms of communication, interrelationships between media and society, structure, organization, and history of mass communication, emerging forms of communication technology, international communication, techniques of media reporting and editing, and communication research methodology.


Master of Social Science (MSS):

The Department offers an innovative, full-immersion Master’s programme that has placed the Department in the forefront of higher education in communication and journalism in the country. The one-year programme is unique in scope, focus, and intensity. It begins with immersion in communication theories and applications, media research and journalism skills, values and principles. Students learn how to navigate a significantly different media environment in contemporary times through classes and seminars focused on the future of media communication.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil):

The Department offers an MPhil degree in Mass Communication and Journalism that requires two years full-time study and the submission of a thesis of investigating a subject approved by the concerned committee of the Department. The subject must have substantial significance, originality and scope appropriate to the period of two years of study. This programme is essentially a combination of coursework and research.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD):

The highest degree programme the Department offers is the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). It involves 3-4 years of independent research on particular topics under the guidance and expertise of the Department. As it is not a ‘taught’ programme, it does not involve coursework. The students will follow a programme of research training and be expected to participate in the intellectual life of the Department through research seminars, conferences, and other events.